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Approved by order of the Federal Service on Customer
Rights Protection and Human
Well-being Surveillance
No. 434 dated 03.05.2011


of the Federal Budget Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies”

15. Budgetary institution has the right to carry out for a fee other activities which are not core activities, only insofar as it serves to pursuing purposes for which it was created, and corresponding to specified purposes. These types of activities include:
15.12 publication and implementation of scientific works, information, reference and analytical materials containing results of scientific activity of Budgetary institution except for the results of scientific activity the rights of which belong to Russian Federation or to the third parties; institution of scientific publications and publishing activities.

15.13 granting of the right to use intellectual property items under license agreements within the powers defined by law except for the rights of the Russian Federation and the third parties; ...

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