Journal Concept


2. Founders

  • Federal Service on Consumers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance
  • FBSI “Federal Scientific Center of Medical and Preventive Public Health Risk Management Technologies”.

3. Journal is registered

By the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). The mass media registration certificate PI No. FS 77-52552 dd. January 21, 2013


ISSN (On-line): 2308-1163;
ISSN (Print): 2308-1155.

5. Subscription index

Subscription index of the journal in catalog “Russian Post” is (“Interregional subscription agency”) - 04153.

6. Start of issue

January 2013.

7. Journal is included in database

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar, Open Academic Journal Index, AcademicKeys, CyberLeninka, (RSCI). Since 01.12.2015 the journal listed of VAK

8. Impact factor RSCI

Two-years impact-factor RSCI: 1.025.
Two-years impact-factor RSCI without self citation: 0.700.

9. Rating

On March 30, 2015, the journal took 133 place of 468 in rating SCIENCE INDEX under the section “Medicine and health”, ahead of many authoritative editions.

10. The journal publishes articles by fields of science:

on the following groups of specialties:
14.02.00 Preventive medicine,
14.03.00 Biomedical sciences.

11. Type: Research and Practice

The journal is a peer-reviewed and multidisciplinary edition of scientific-theoretical and practical orientation targeted on publication of the results in fundamental and applied scientific research, review and analysis of judicial practice in the field of risk assessment and management for human life and health, ensuring of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population and consumer protection, messages and reports on conferences, reviews on current questions of hygienic safety.

12. Goal of issuing

Dissemination and sharing the information about new scientific developments in the field of assessment and management of human health risk and the positive experience of solving practical problems of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population of the Russian Federation. The journal adjects the publications “Hygiene and Sanitary”, “Healthcare Service of Russia”, “Public health and environmental conditions”.

13. Target audience

Specialists of Rospotrebnadzor system, research institutions of RAS, ministries and departments, factory workers, staff of the municipal services ensuring the compliance with the requirements of hygiene and epidemiology in the national economy, experts in municipal and government spheres, students, postgraduate students, civil society actors.

14. General description

The main directions of the published materials in the journal are the updating, scientific rationale and practical experience in solving problems of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population of the Russian Federation on the basis of health risks analysis methodology.
Journal also plans to publish articles on related issues which are directly relevant to main subjects: chemical analytical methods of identification of chemical, physical, biological hazard factors, methods of statistical processing, modeling and forecasting processes, software development, etc.

15. Main directions of publications

  • theory, methodology and practice of assessment and management of environmental, industrial, social and other public health risks;
  • modern methods of risk assessment and social-hygienic monitoring
  • modern methods of exposure assessment of chemical-biological and biological factors;
  • problems and possibilities of risk analysis in sanitary-epidemiological regulation
  • problems of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health disorders, modified by environmental, operational and other risk factors
  • theory and practice of mathematical and situation modeling in hygiene and epidemiology;
  • problems of information sharing on health risks of the governmental authorities, public organizations and population.

16. Sections

  • Preventive medicine: Current aspects of health risk analysis
  • Scientific and methodological approaches to the analysis of risk in hygiene and epidemiology
  • Legal aspects of risk assessment
  • Practice of risk assessment in hygiene and epidemiological studies
  • Medical and biological aspects of assessment of the impact of risk factors
  • Experimental models and instrumental studies for risk assessment studies in hygiene and epidemiology
  • Analytical reviews
  • Risk assessment and management in occupational medicine
  • Scientific reviews

17. Publication frequency

4 collected volumes per year. With the accumulation of materials is expected publication of thematic issues.

18. Volume

Up to 120 pages. Format 90 х 60/8. Circulation: 500 copies.

11. Possibilities

It is planned to orient the journal at the registration and subsequent inclusion to the list of citation and database Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed (after 2 years publication of journal).

20. Dissemination

Regions of the Russian Federation, countries of Eurasian Economic Community, the CIS countries or interested countries, regions, individuals and entities.

21. Contacts

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