Executive Editor

Irina Vladislavovna May

Education: Doctor of biology, Professor, Perm State Pedagogical University, Department of biology and Chemistry

Author of more than 120 scientific publications, including 3 monographs.

Hirsch index – 13.

Representative Publications

  • Zaitseva N.V., May I.V., Kleyn S.V. Оn the determination and proof of damage to human health due to an unacceptable health risk caused by environmental factors. Health Risk Analysis, 2013, no. 2: 14–26.
  • May I.V., Khoroshavin V.A., Evdoshenko V.S. Algorithms and methods of sanitary-epidemiological investigation of civil rights violations on a favorable habitats with step of health risk assessment. Public Health and Environment, 2010, no. 2: 21–24.
  • May I.V., Zaitseva N.V., Kleyn S.V., Sedusova E.V. Establishment and proof of health damage due to the negative impact of environmental factors. Public Health and Environment, 2013, no. 11: 4–6.
  • May I.V., Khoroshavin V.A., Evdoshenko V.S. Environmental risk factors and human health in the places of petroleum storage and recharge. Health Care in Russian Federation, 2011, no. 4: 31–38.
  • Zaitseva N.V., Shur P.Z., May I.V., Kiryanov D.A. Approaches to the assessment of integrated health risk population based on evolution of mathematical models. Public Health and Environment, 2011, no. 10: 6–9.
  • May I.V., Kleyn S.V., Chigvintsev V.M., Balashov S.Yu. Methodical approaches to increasing the accuracy of exposure assessment based on the conjugation of simulation and monitoring data on ambient air quality. Health Risk Analysis, 2013, no. 4: 17–25.
  • Zaitseva N., May I., Kriulina N. Simulation and instrumental examination of indoor air for formaldehyde, styrene and ethylbenzene, migrating from building and home decoration materials in the presence of combined use. Indoor Air 2014 – 13th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate 13, 2014: 219–224.
  • May I.V., Kokoulina A.A., Zagorodnov S.Y., Popova E.V.. Exposure assessment for population to fine particles in the influence zones of emissions from industrial stationary emission sources. Health Risk Analysis, 2014, no. 1: 21–30.

An editorial board member of the journals “Bulletin of Perm National Research Polytechnic University. Urban Studies” and “Preserve the nature of the Kama region”.

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