Editor in Chief

Gennadiy Grigorievich Onishchenko

Education: Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Preventive Medicine Department)

Head of Department for Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene; Professor at Department for Microbiology, Virology, and Immunology at Sechenov's Moscow State Medical Academy; Member of Interdepartmental Commission responsible for preventing ill-quality and dangerous consumer goods entering the internal country market; Member of Governmental Commission on environment and use of natural resources; Coordinator representing the Russian Federation in implementing Emergency Program of the CIS member countries aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS epidemics; Member of the International Academy for Information Processes and Technologies;

Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation; the Russian Federation State Prize winner; awarded with the Gold Medal by the Russian Academy for Natural Sciences and with the Supreme Order "for the Services to the Motherland"

Publications: Pubmed

Has written more than 800 works published in various editions including «Journal of Medical Virology», «Nature» «Emerging Infectious Diseases», «The Brazilian journal of infectious diseases: an official publication of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases», «BMC Infectious Diseases», «Bulletin of the World Health Organization», «Journal of Virological Methods», «Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine» etc.

Has written and revised more than 20 monographs.

Participates in the editorial boards of the following theoretical and practical journals: «Hygiene and Sanitation», «Problems of Particularly Dangerous Infections», «Annals of the Russian academy of medical sciences», «Journal Infectology», «Preventive and clinical medicine». An honored member of the «Biosphere» journal editorial board.

Has great experience in revising scientific publications of various types.

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