Health Risk Analysis

Dear readers,

Onishchenko G. G. — Editor in chief

it is my great honor to present you "Health Risk Analysis" journal where we publish both theoretical and practical works. Our intention was to create a medium which could spread information on new scientific developments in the sphere of assessing and managing population health risks promptly and systematically. It is our pleasure to enlighten you on positive experience gained in solving practical tasks in the sphere of providing sanitary-epidemiologic well-being of the Russian Federation population with the use of internationally established risk analysis methodology.

Publications in the Journal mostly deal with theory, methodology, and practices of assessing and managing environmental, occupational, social, and other population health risks; modern social and hygienic monitoring techniques and assessing exposure to chemical, biological, physical, and other factors; factors analysis issues and prospects; issues and prospects of risk analysis in control and surveillance activities, sanitary and epidemiologic standardization, and examinations.

We also publish papers on related issues such as analytical techniques applied in identifying hazard factors of various nature; contemporary approaches to early diagnostics of health disorders caused by hazardous environmental factors; mathematical modeling techniques; phenomena and processes prediction; software development etc.

Our target audience are researchers employed at scientific organizations and practical specialists from Federal Service for Surveillance over Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being offices, certain ministries and agencies; scientific researchers from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; workers employed at industrial enterprises and communal services who are responsible for compliance with hygiene and epidemiology requirements in the national economy; municipal and state officials; students, post-graduates, and civil society representatives.

Our journal is a vital supplement to such already recognized editions as "Hygiene and Sanitation", "Health care of the Russian Federation", "Population Health and Environment", and some others.
We are happy to invite all persons concerned to cooperate and we hope that "Health Risk Analysis" journal will be of interest and of use for scientists and researchers who would like to enrich their knowledge and share their experience in the sphere of providing sanitary-epidemiologic well-being of the Russian Federation population.

G.G. Onishchenko, Editor-in-Chief,
Academician of the Russian Academy of
Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Professor