Journal Concept

1. The Title – Health Risk Analysis

2. Founder

Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies

3. The Journal is registered by

The Federal Service For Supervision Of Communications, Information Technology, And Mass Media (Roscomnadzor). Register certificate СМИ – ПИ No. ФС 77-52552 issued on January 21, 2013.


ISSN (print): 2308-1155
ISSN (online): 2308-1163
ISSN (eng-online): 2542-2308

5. DOI: 10.21668/health.risk

6. Journal indexing

The Journal is included into the HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) list and can be found in the following Russian and international databases: CyberLeninka, CrossRef, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), WorldCat, ResearchBib, Open Academic Journal Index, CiteFactor, AcademicKeys, ERIH Plus, Universal Impact Factor, Google Scholar, VINITI (Russian Institute for Scientific and Technological Information), All Sciences and Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

7. Impact factorRussian Science Citation Index

Two-year impact-factor RSCI: 1,107.
As on June 20, 2017 г. the Journal occupies 97 place out of 506 in SCIENCE INDEX rating in "Medicine and healthcare" section leaving a lot of respected and competent editions behind

8. The Journal publishes works in the following spheres:

14.02.00 Preventive medicine
14.03.00 Medical and biological sciences
22.00.00 Sociological sciences

9. Type: theoretical and practical

The Journal is seen by its publishers to be a reviewed interdisciplinary edition with scientific theoretical and practical orientation; it was created to publish the results of fundamental and applied scientific research; reviews and analysis of court practices in the sphere of health risk assessment and health risk management, provision of sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of the population, and consumer rights protection; reports on conferences; reviews on vital issues of hygienic safety.

10. The Journal Purpose

To spread information on new scientific developments in the sphere of assessing and managing population health risks and on positive experience in solving practical tasks in the sphere of providing sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of the RF population. It complements such editions as "Hygiene and Sanitation", "Health care of the Russian Federation", "Population health and Environment".

11. Target audience

Researchers employed at Federal Service for Surveillance over Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being offices; scientific researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences, certain ministries and agencies; workers employed at industrial enterprises and communal services who are responsible for compliance with hygiene and epidemiology requirements in the national economy; municipal and state officials; students, post-graduates, and civil society representatives.

12. General features

Most works published in the Journal are related to updating information, scientific justification and experience in practical solving of the tasks on providing sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of the RF population on the basis of health risks analysis methodology.
The Journal is also planning to publish works on certain issues which are directly related to the main subject matters; they include chemical and analytical techniques for identifying chemical, physical, and biological hazard factors, statistic processing techniques, processes modeling and predicting, software design etc.

13. Basic publication trends

• theory, methodology and practices of assessing and managing environmental, occupational, social and other population health risks;
• contemporary techniques for risk assessment and social-hygienic monitoring
• contemporary techniques for assessing exposure to chemical, physical, and biological factors;
• issues and prospects of risk analysis in sanitary-epidemiologic standardization
• issues of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of health disorders modified by environmental, occupational and other risk factors
• theory and practice of mathematical and situation modeling in hygiene and epidemiology;
• issues of informing state authorities, public organization and population about health risks.

14. Headings

• Preventive medicine: Urgent aspects of risk analysis
• Scientific and methodological approaches to risk analysis in hygiene and epidemiology
• Algorithms, techniques and results of assessing exposure to risk factors
• Legal aspects of risk assessment
• Risk assessment practice in hygienic and epidemiological studies
• Medical and biological aspects of the assessment of the risk factors
• Experimental models and instrumental surveyrs for risk assessment in hygiene and epidemiology
• Analytical reviews
• Assessment and risk management health and safety in medical health organization
• Scientific reviews

15. Periodicity

4 editions per year. As materials are being accumulated we plan to publish subject collections.

16. Volume

Up to 150 pages with 90 х 60/8 format. Edition is 500 copies.

17. Prospects

We plan to register and then include the Journal into WebofScience, Scopus, PubMed databases.

18. Distribution

The RF regions, Eurasian Economic Union member countries, the CIS member states and any other concerned countries, regions, individuals and juridical persons

19. Subscription index

The Journal subscription index in "Russian Mail Service" catalogue ("Inter-regional subscription agency") is 04153.

20. Contacts

82 Monastyrskaya Str., Perm, 614045, Russian Federation
Phone Number: +7 (342)237-25-34

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