Strains and virulence genes of salmonella with multidrug resistance isolated from chicken carcasses (Hanoi, Vietnam)

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Xuan Da Pham1, Hao Le Thi Hong2, Huyen Tran Thi Thanh3, Long Thanh Le2, Hoa Vinh Le2, Ninh Hanh Thi2, Minh Le Tran4, Nguyen Thanh Trung2


1Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2National Institute for Food Control, 65 Fam Tan Duat Str., Hanoi, Vietnam
3Vinmec Research Institute of Stem cell and Gene Technology, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam
4High School for Gifted Students, Hanoi University of Science, 182 Luong The Vinh Str., Hanoi, Vietnam


Salmonella enterica is one of dangerous food-borne pathogens listed by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Vietnam, poultry is one of the most widely eaten meats and is reported as a common source of S. enterica contamination.

The aim of this study was to examine multi-resistant Salmonella strains, to identify susceptibility to antibiotics by using 15 different types of medications and to perform sequencing to analyze antibiotic resistance genes, genotypes, multi-locus sequence-based typing (MLST), and plasmids.

The result of the antibiotic susceptibility test indicated that phenotypic resistance to 9–11 types of antimicrobials was confirmed in all strains. Among 06 sequenced strains, we identified 43 genes associated with antibiotic resistance: strains carrying a range of genes that are associated with aminoglycoside resistance (aac(3), aac(6), ant(3), aph(3), aph(6), aadA); all strains carried blaCTX-M-55 or blaCTX-M-65 gene, which were resistant to the 3rd generation antibiotics; there were also frequently observed sul1, sul2, sul3, tet (A), qnrS1, floR, dfrA14 or dfrA27 genes in sequenced isolates. Besides, the genome sequencing also indicated that all strains carried pathogenicity islands SPI 1, SPI 2, and SPI 3 thereby creating many potential triggers of the disease. Additionally, some carried C63PI, SPI 9, SPI 13, SPI 14, and plus some plasmids such as Col156, IncHI2, IncHI2A, IncFIB, Col (MGD2).

antimicrobials, Salmonella, multidrug resistance, virulence factor, plasmid, chicken, antibiotic resistance gen, Salmonella pathogenicity island (SPI), beta-lactam
Xuan Da Pham, Hao Le Thi Hong, Huyen Tran Thi Thanh, Long Thanh Le, Hoa Vinh Le, Ninh Hanh Thi, Minh Le Tran, Nguyen Thanh Trung. Strains and virulence genes of salmonella with multidrug resistance isolated from chicken carcasses (Ha-noi, Vietnam). Health Risk Analysis, 2023, no. 1, pp. 115–123. DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2023.1.11.eng
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