Population health risk caused by exposure to chemicals in soils

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A.N. Deryabin1,2, T.N. Unguryanu1,2, R.V. Buzinov1,2


1Federal Service for Surveillance over Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, Arkhangelsk Region office, 24 Gaidara Str., Arkhangelsk, 163000, Russian Federation
2Northern State Medical University, 51 Troitskiy Ave., Arkhangelsk, 163000, Russian Federation


Our research goal was to comparatively analyze soils contamination with chemicals in cities located in the Arctic zone of Arkhangelsk region and to assess population health risk caused by soils in settlements contaminated with chemicals. The research has practical significance due to Arkhangelsk region being among the RF regions with the highest share of soils samples taken in settlements that deviate from hygienic standards as per sanitary-chemical and microbiological parameters.
The assessment was based on monitoring data on chemical contamination of soils in cities located in the Arctic zone of Arkhangelsk region (Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, and Novodvinsk) collected in 2007–2017. We assessed population exposure to contaminants in soils at their oral and subcutaneous introduction and determined risk levels for children’s and adults’ health. To examine non-carcinogenic effects, we applied reference doses and calculated hazard coefficients and indexes. We revealed that soils were contaminated with metals substantially greater in Severodvinsk than in two other cities. Aggregated hazard indexes calculated for combined introduction of contaminants from soils didn’t exceed 1.0. Contaminants from soils primarily enter a body via oral introduction. A contribution made by oral introduction into a total dose for examined toxicants amounted to 68–79 % at the median level among children and adults. Overall individual carcinogenic risk in Severodvinsk was higher than in two other cities and amounted to 9.1•10-4 and 2.3•10-3 at the median level and 90%-percentile one accordingly. Non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic risks caused by exposure to contaminants in soils are acceptable when taken in their median concentrations.

soil contamination, chemicals, soils in settlements, deviation from hygienic standards, risk assessment, risk level.
Deryabin A.N., Unguryanu T.N., Buzinov R.V. Population health risk caused by exposure to chemicals in soils. Health Risk Analysis, 2019, no. 3, pp. 18–25. DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2019.3.02.eng
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