Epidemiology of prostate cancer in Kursk Region

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I.L. Kiselev, A.A. Pol'shin


Kursk Regional Clinical Oncology Hospital, 1Eliseeva Str., Kislino, Kursk District, 305524, Russian Federation


The paper dwells on analysis performed on 2,238 male patients with primary incidence and 999 patients who died due to prostate cancer over 2007–2016 in Kursk region.

Data were processed with "Statistica for Windows" software package (ver. 12.5). The authors applied intensive overall and sex-age (per 100 thousand males) parameters. Overall incidence and mortality were compared with the data collected in the Central Federal District. Sex-age incidence and mortality due to prostate cancer were compared with the same parameters in the Russian Federation as a whole. To test validity of discrepancy between data sets, Student's parametric test (t) was applied with 95 % significance. Incidence and mortality due to prostate cancer were predicted for a period up to 2021 with an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA).

Prostate cancer occupies the fifth place among malignant neoplasms in Kursk region and the sixth place in the overall mortality structure. In Kursk region a growth in incidence with prostate cancer amounted to 100.3 % in 2016 against 2007; a growth in mortality, 85.6 %. By 2021 incidence with prostate cancer can reach 71.24, and mortality, 30.79. Incidence among males in Kursk region has grown due to an increase in number of male patients aged 60–64 and 80 and older. Mortality caused by prostate cancer has grown due to an increase in number of deceased males aged 50 and older.

In the nearest future Kursk region can take a leading place among other regions in the Central federal District as per incidence and mortality due to prostate cancer. The research results are being applied for planning and developing a regional target program "Oncology".

malignant neoplasms, epidemiologic analysis, incidence, mortality, prostate cancer, sex-age parameters, target program
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