Sanitary-epidemiologic service in Perm region: 95th anniversary (dedicated to Russian Sanitary-epidemiologic service)

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V.G. Kostarev1, V.А. Khoroshavin2, А.V. Brazhkin2


1 Federal Service for Surveillance over Consumer Rights protection and Human Well-being, Perm regional office, 50 Kuybyisheva Str., Perm, 614016, Russian Federation
2 Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Perm region, 50A Kuybyisheva Str., Perm, 614016, Russian Federation


The paper outlines the first stages of sanitary activities development in Perm region. We highlight the fact that it was Perm where I.I. Molessson, the first official sanitary inspector in Russia, worked. Here one of the first sanitary inspection of a whole region was performed and "Perm sanitary bulletin" was first published. It was in Perm, where the first sanitary office was established in 1890, and in 1898 the first bacteriological laboratory was organized. Bodies and institutions of Rospotrebnadzor in Perm region are known to be founded on September 15, 1922, when a Decree by Russian People's Commissars Council "On the Republic's sanitary bodies" was issued. A sanitary-hygienic faculty of Perm Medical Institute was set up in 1931 and it gave grounds for preparing qualified sanitary inspectors for state sanitary authorities.

We described basic tasks which were tackled by sanitary inspectors during the Great Patriotic War and just after it. Rospotrebnadzor activities are proved to make for substantial improvements of sanitary-epidemiologic situation in the region. Currently more than 95 % of population are provided with drinking water which fully corresponds to the sanitary legislation requirements. We note constant improvements in catering objects quality and we also see that a quantity of food samples taken at such objects which don't correspond to hygienic standards remains stably low. A share of working places deviating from hygienic standards as per noise, vibration, and illumination, has reduced. Medical examinations are now available to 97.9 % of workers functioning under hazardous (dangerous) working conditions. The lowest occupa-tional morbidity level over the last few years was registered in Perm region in 2016. The Service was among the first in the country to transfer to result-oriented budgeting and risk-oriented surveillance model. Organizational structure is constantly being developed; new legal, economic and organizational approaches are being created and implemented in the activities performed by bodies and institutions of the Federal Service for Surveillance over Consumer Rights protec-tion and Human well-being.

Sanitary-epidemiologic Service, Perm region, history, achievements
Kostarev V.G., Khoroshavin V.А., Brazhkin А.V. Sanitary-epidemiologic service in Perm region: 95th anniversary (dedicated to Russian sanitary-epidemiologic service). Health risk analysis, 2017, no. 3, pp. 4–11. DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2017.3.01.eng
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