Professional risk of developing diseases of the peripheral nervous system in tractor drivers – machine operators of agricultural production

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G.A. Bezrukova, T.A. Novikova, M.L. Shalashova, S.S. Raikin


FBSI “Saratov Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Hygiene” of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance, Russian Federation, Saratov, 1A Zarechnaya St., 410022


Based on the results of the hygienic assessment of working conditions in the domestic agricultural machinery of old and new models when performing the main types of seasonal agricultural work during the annual production cycle and analysis of accumulated occupational diseases’ nosology structure in agricultural workers of the Saratov region over the period from 2004 to 2014, the estimation of professional risk diseases of the peripheral nervous system in tractor drivers – machine operators of agricultural production is given. Professional risk assessment carried out under the procedure set forth in P2.2.1766-03 has shown that the category of a priori risk to their health during an annual production cycle ranged from high to very high (unbearable). It was revealed that the most important factors shaping the harmful working conditions when working on agricultural machinery that can act as a trigger in the formation of vertebral diseases of the peripheral nervous system, are general and local vibration, adverse micro-climatic conditions, long uncomfortable static working posture and physical stress. The risk of diseases in the peripheral uneven system in machine operators of agriculture was attributed to the high risk category with an index of professional diseases (IPD) equal to 0,5 %.

tractor drivers – machine operators of agricultural production, harmful factors of production environment and labor process, professional diseases of the peripheral nervous system
Bezrukova G.A., Novikova T.A., Shalashova M.L. , Raikin S.S. Professional risk of developing diseases of the peripheral nervous system in tractor drivers – machine operators of agricultural production. Health Risk Analysis, 2015, no. 3, pp. 47-54. DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2015.3.07.eng
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