Toxicological characteristics of petroleum products repeated exposure

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V.M. Rubin, I.I. Il'yukova


RUE "Scientific practical centre of hygiene", Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 8, Academicheskaya St., 220012


Abstract. The ability of petroleum products to initiate cumulative effects was assessed in experimental intragastric admission to male albino rats for one month. The analysis of skin-resorptive effects was performed using "test-tube" method on the skin of rats’ tails. It has been established that petroleum products can penetrate the intact skin and, with repeated admission, cause a general toxic effect. There were reductions bodyweights, the negative effect on the function of the kidneys and liver, changes of hematological parameters, as well as activation of the antioksidatnoy system. Repeated intragastric administration does not lead to the death of the animals testifying to the lack of accumulation capacity for petroleum products at the level of functional mortal effects, the cumulation coefficient being > 5.1. Negative impact on urinary function and hepatobiliary system, changes in hematological parameters and activation of the «lipid peroxidation – antioksidant defense» were observed.

petroleum products, subacute toxicity, skin-resorptive effect
Rubin V.M., Il'yukova I.I. Toxicological characteristics of petroleum products repeated exposure. Health Risk Analysis, 2015, no. 1, pp. 69-76. DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2015.1.09.eng
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